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Facts and Figures of Ticket Sales

  • In 2003 the total value of advance ticket sales in the UK was approximately
    £1.4 billion. Of this, around £580 million were sales made through primary
    ticket agents.
  • The amount of business going through primary ticket agents has increased
    substantially in recent years. Estimations are that between 1999 and 2003
    turnover grew by around 150 per cent in real terms.
  • The largest concert promoter in the UK is Clear Channel Entertainment UK
    (Clear Channel) In 2003 Clear Channel had a turnover from rock/pop
    concerts of approximately £64 million and a total turnover from promotion
    of all events of nearly £160 million. Clear Channel has a parent company in
    the USA which also owns concert promoters in other European countries. In
    the UK, Clear Channel also owns or manages a number of concert venues
    and owns five regional theatres, which are used both for its own and other
    promoter’s/producer’s events.
  • Other UK promoters/producers include SJM, Metropolis Music, the Mean
    Fiddler Group, Marshall Arts, Kennedy Street Enterprises and Cameron
    Mackintosh. Several of these companies use our ticket printing services.
  • A consumer survey found that 63 per cent of consumers bought their last
    ticket from a box office and only 37 per cent through a web agent. It should
    also be in the interests of promoters and producers to make available a
    sufficient allocation of tickets to venues.


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