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Gift Voucher Printing

Aswell as tickets, we can also use our security paper to print custom Gift Vouchers. Prices are exactly the same as for printed tickets - and start from £20 for your very own custom gift vouchers!

Gift Vouchers are produced to the highest specifications - we use the finest quality laser and computer technology to overprint your details on to our high security paper. Artwork is produced at a crisp 600dpi resolution.

We can produce any range of different denominations (e.g £1, £5, £10, £20) complete with your custom logo and artwork for very little cost. Enjoy the benefits of selling gift vouchers at your outlet today!

All our Vouchers come with the following security features as standard :

· Watermark - a graphical design inside the paper.
· Hidden Silurian Fibres - only visible under UV light.
· Invisible UV Ink - printed on reverse of voucher only visible under UV light.
· Anti Photocopying Devices - using special screens, photocopies cannot be made.
· Sequental Numbering - easily count how many have been sold.
· Customisation - incorporating your own text, designs and artwork on the voucher.

You can also have the following optional high security extras :

· Metallic Foil Stamping (Metallic strip along voucher perforation)
· Holographic Foil Stamping
(Hologram placed on voucher perforation)
· Barcoding
· Embossing
· Colour Overprinting

Other Voucher printing extras :

· Reverse Printing - useful for Terms and Conditions
· Colour Combinations
- useful for defining the different voucher amounts.
· Special Numbering - start from any number you want, or take over your last run of vouchers.

Vouchers are printed in Black on to one of the following colour papers :

Vouchers are available on Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow

Each voucher comes in 2, 3, 4 or 5-parts. Vouchers can be supplied loose or in books. If supplied in books, the far left stub is stapled in to the book for seller reference.

Want more info on Vouchers? Take a look at the prices, or just request a quote.

Our gift voucher printing services are used by : Hairdressers, Stationery Shops, Beauty Salons, Food Superstores, Vetinary Surgeries, Clothes Retailers, Telecommunication Companies, and many more! Their uses are endless!


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